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  • Kristyn Sterken

Love in the paint section!

Who knew you could meet the love of your life at a hardware store. This is exactly what happened to Shauna and Ben. She was picking through paint samples and he was looking at car parts. From my understanding, his persistence paid off. From Ben being thrown from a dump trailer while Shauna was driving to a proposal under a firework lit sky, these two are truly in love.

We met at an old tobacco farm, owned by Margaret that was an amazing spot to show their passion for all things country. Everything was amazing. Old barns, old outhouses (we did not get this in the shots, lol) and beautiful fields.

I'm pretty sure there were 3 separate times that Ben randomly picked a flower for Shauna. Just the look on her face here says it all. Her heart is melting.

Yes they are this adorable!! We had so much fun during their session. Congratulations Ben & Shauna!!

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