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  • Kristyn Sterken

Maryland Senior Rep program 2016-2017!

I am so excited to announce my new senior rep program! I am ready to take applications for the Class of 2017. Senior reps will receive half off their 2 hour session as well as a $25 product credit just for being a rep. Additionally the senior will receive 50 rep cards to pass out to their fellow seniors. For each client the senior refers to 1426 Photography and subsequently books a session, the senior will receive an additional $25 product credit.

Bonus Incentives:

3 referals : $75 Gift card

5 referrals: $150 Gift card

9 referrals: $300.00 Gift card

Gift card options: Amazon, itunes, Starbucks, WaWa

Lets add this up: So if you are a senior rep and you refer 9 friends that book their own session that means you'll receive: Half your session fee, $225 in products AND a $300 gift card.

Total earnings of $675

To apply, simply email me at

or send me a message via facebook with the following

-What school you attend


-Extra curricular activities

-Social media outlets you frequently use

-Why you think you would be a great senior rep

I am looking for outgoing individuals who live in Maryland and will have fun with this program. Must be willing to hand out their senior rep cards. Sounds easy right? Senior sessions are fun and exciting and could have the potential to earn you hundreds of dollars.

Applications are due by August 1, 2016

I am looking forward to hearing from you!!

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